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I was born in Sydney Australia in 1960. My parents moved to the UK when I was 3, settling on the coast in Southampton where I attended school. I was fortunate that my secondary school had a thriving pottery department run by Mr Thorn, who made a lasting impression on me. His enthusiasm for pottery was infectious which rubbed off on me at this early age. His encouragement and support led to me having this life long passion for clay, which has not waned or diminished over time.
I took GCE pottery. I have included a photo of the cider jar which I made as a practice piece for my exam when I was 16.
I take my pottery influences from the Leach tradition. I am drawn to unpretentious strong forms, excellently executed, with the glaze complimenting the pot. I aim to make pots which meet this criteria; I am drawn to reduced stoneware and saltglaze ware.
When I left sixth form I regretfully didn’t pursue a career in pottery, but I maintained contact with clay by ensuring I attended pottery evening classes and joining various pottery groups. Southern Ceramic Group was such a group which regularly ran excellent pottery demonstrations. I also became a member of West Street Potters in Farnham, and am now a Director on the Board.
I have a small studio at home in my garage which I share with my daughters’ rabbits Benny and Bella. I have a Rhodes wheel which I bought last year, and a traditional Leach kick wheel. Outside I have a gas kiln for reduction firings.
I was extremely fortunate to be selected as a contestant for the second series of The Great Pottery Throw Down, which is to be aired starting on Thursday 2nd February 2017, at 8pm on BBC2.

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